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Apply for TrustLaw Connect membership

You are about to start your registration process for TrustLaw Connect as an NGO member.

The application is split into 5 simple steps and you will need to complete this in one visit.

Listed below is the key information that you will need in order to complete this form.

  • Your organisation details (name, address, telephone number etc)
  • Your details (as the main contact for TrustLaw)
  • Where you work and your organisation's particular areas of focus
  • An overview of your organisation and how your programmes seek to solve the social/environmental issue to which the organisation dedicates itself
  • Your charity registration details
  • Your annual budget / turnover
  • Number of staff (paid and volunteers)
  • Names and affiliations of your Directors
  • Name of the most senior member of staff
  • Details of 2 referees for your organisation
  • Upload of latest annual report, accounts, and/or business plan
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